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lady stardust


Saturday afternoon piano time.  Should be making progress on the two installations I have to finish this month (for Proteus Gowanus and the Purimshpil) but instead I am working out “Lady Stardust” for the turtle. David Bowie 1971 / Brooklyn queers 2010: something to ponder.  (Check out the amazing footage below!)  I’d say more now […]

backyard bonfire, queer memoir, that’s my jam + late night aftermath see them all on flickr here

(click on any image below to go to the slideshow) New pics from last weekend – Hey Queen! (aka the best queer dance party in the universe) + its greasy aftermath: pizza fries, disco fries, sweet potato fries, onion rings.  You have no idea how much I love the middle of the night. Two months […]

Hey, good news: some of the collaborative work Ariel and I made on the way to the scrapyard in Springfield was chosen for a  group video/photography show at 25CPW, a gallery on 62nd and Central Park West! My friends Hyla Skopitz and Teresa Christiansen started Indecisive Moment to present video art in new and cool […]

just posted some new images from December’s trip to Istanbul and Barcelona.  It was a work trip so I didn’t shoot much, but what I’ve got is posted here. I tried an experiment posting the images directly onto this blog instead of linking to flickr, but I’m not sure it worked so well.  Email me […]

My friends put on the most amazing performance last weekend – pure queer brilliance.  I went on Saturday and HAD to go back on Sunday to photograph it.  Some more info on the show is below and the full set of pictures is here.  (or click on the image below to go to the slideshow) […]