between two worlds


My friends put on the most amazing performance last weekend – pure queer brilliance.  I went on Saturday and HAD to go back on Sunday to photograph it.  Some more info on the show is below and the full set of pictures is here(or click on the image below to go to the slideshow)

In “Between Two Worlds: Who Loved You Before You Were Mine”, five deviant queers, their mythical beast secret identities, and all of their ghosts walk into a cabaret. The result is a show about yearning for ancestors, the empty spaces left by the first generation of AIDS deaths in fag/queer communities and the way the next generation is called to fill those spaces. What is the relationship between the loss of a generation of queer men and queens and the next generation’s expanding possibilities for transmasculinity? What is the relationship between a generation of dykes woven fiercely and intimately into ACT UP and support circles for dying friends and a next generation of dykes woven into radical faerie and transfag communities? In a culture based on chosen families, which of our desires are inherited?

In this re-interpretation of Yiddish theater classic The Dybbuk, the consensual possession of a lover by the ghost of their beloved is a model for acknowledging the collective loss we hold and reflect in our queer bodies. The cabaret is a love letter to the ghosts among us.

Play by Emily Nepon (aka Killer Sideburns/Emil Nitrate)
Collaboratively written, directed, and designed with J. Dellecave & Daniel Lang/Levitsky

Starring: Amy Agony, Bryn Kelly, Daniel Lang/Levitsky, Emily Nepon, Zachary Wager Scholl
Projection by Niknaz Tavakolian
Original Music by Patrick Farrell
*Saturday Night, Matthew Fass on Accordion*
Stage Manager: Mila Khan

PLUS! Opening act added to the bill! Nathan Carrera is performing original and cover songcycles in the thrall of witchcraft, cultish murder ballads, black masses, and historic and contemporary anti-assimilationist queer depravity.

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