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snow day


in honor of today’s snowstorm, i present you with images of…. the last blizzard, a few weeks ago! and our sledding adventures in prospect park, and the cool pictures that resulted of the lens getting fogged up on the bus back to my house for further adventures. so many more new pictures to post, plus […]

I just made my first stop motion animation!  It’s one of three parts of my installation for tomorrow’s Purim shpiel, all revolving around the hanging of the house of Haman.  (For those of you who aren’t familiar with the story, Haman is the evil dude who wants to kill all of the Jews, and winds […]

Ariel and I spent a few hours last night at Proteus Gowanus hanging up our work.  If you haven’t been, PG is a really awesome art space in Brooklyn, full of little rooms collectively run by different groups of artists with quirky sets of fascinations:  discontinued library books rescued for their fantastic illustrations, taxidermy, the […]

red hot cake


I made a birthday cake for Little Wings, chocolate cake with cinnamon icing and spiced walnuts, and took it over to his house for his birthday party/viewing of RuPaul’s Drag Race.  The red hots on top looked cute (like Little Wings) but were sort of a pain to eat – next time maybe I’ll use […]

busy week!  ariel and i install road trip memorabilia at proteus gowanus this week as part of their transport show, and on the same night is the madness of purim.  i’m working on some surprises for that.  here are the invites, please come out if you can!  i’ll probably hit the opening of transport early […]

Little Wings is one of my favorite queens.  Last night he came over to my nest for a perfect friend-date and this is what I woke up to: Sometimes when life deals you troubles it helps to talk about it.  Other times you run out of words, and it’s best to just let go for […]

my dad turns 63 tomorrow.  he is a truly great man and i love him a lot.  amidst the insanity of this week i found myself back in the ICP digital lab, scanning film and making a print of this picture of my parents i took at thanksgiving.  this morning i mounted it on wood, […]

check it out.  i am SO excited.