craft night with little wings


Little Wings is one of my favorite queens.  Last night he came over to my nest for a perfect friend-date and this is what I woke up to:

Sometimes when life deals you troubles it helps to talk about it.  Other times you run out of words, and it’s best to just let go for a while and make things.

We started with an idea about painting over some of my pictures:

the middle one was my first attempt at painting over a photo, but acrylics weren't working for me so I gave up and got into the wood instead

this is what little wings made - far more successful

After that I let go of painting-on-pictures idea and played around with these old pins I got this summer at the Flea.  (Little Wings took his own path – you can see evidence above.)

Then I let go of that too and started working on this tree that I started a little while ago, made out of assorted buttons sewn onto wood.  I’ll post a picture of that when it’s done.

Then I let go of art and we went downstairs and had a Lady GaGa sing-a-long on the piano.  Erica came home minutes before the oatmeal clove cookies came out of the oven at 2 am – a late night miracle.  Cinnamon tea and Madonna dance time happened, and Little Wings crashed in my studio.

Overall, a really lovely and reviving evening at home.  The little bits of art that came out of it will help us remember it.

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