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If you are in New York, please join me next Tuesday, April 6, from 7-8 pm in Fort Greene Park for a community yizkor service. Yizkor is a Jewish memorial ritual which traditionally happens four times a year. It involves the recitation of three prayers for the dead, plus tzedakah. (a really brief overview is […]

abuelita, RIP.


I have this friend in Minnesota who is like a brother to me.  For a few years there we were sort of inseparable.  We split a paycheck, we shared my car, we pooled our dreams and fueled a movement together.  We were so tight that when I lived there, his family became my family too. […]

queen of hearts


Tommy was my original gay BFF – we met on our first day of college. I was never the girl doing the loco-motion at all those Long Island Bat Mitzvah receptions. But in the fall of ‘94, on a road trip to see TORI (swoon), Tom pulled me out onto the warped wooden floor of […]

Cory Walker was getting married so everyone came to town. He met the nicest girl, this Jeena Lee. And everyone is all grown up now, with their stunning wives and beautiful babies, taking rooms at the Carlyle, eating oysters at the Guggenheim. It was a fantastic (read: expensive) weekend with lots of truly glamourous moments, […]

smoking is cool


I am going to admit to a bit of privilege here. My dad’s little sister has high-class tastes. She owns a country house in East Hampton, and sometimes when she goes away, I get to borrow it. Yeah, yeah, the Hamptons, I KNOW. But it’s honestly one of my favorite places on earth – a […]

just got back three rolls of film:  little wings birthday party/ritual screening of rupaul’s drag race, the jfrej purim shpiel, and the original plumbing party at sugarland last weekend.  not much to say except that i love them.  and for the first time since i started shooting again, i now officially have a backlog.  more […]

robert frank


James is a great photographer.  (He was in Moving Walls a couple of shows ago.)  He has a photo blog about his MFA adventures, and just announced that he is giving away 100 rolls of expired film. I suddenly want them, really bad. His instructions were to write “a really meaty, heartfelt, tear-jerking paragraph or two or […]