community yizkor service – april 6


If you are in New York, please join me next Tuesday, April 6, from 7-8 pm in Fort Greene Park for a community yizkor service.

Yizkor is a Jewish memorial ritual which traditionally happens four times a year. It involves the recitation of three prayers for the dead, plus tzedakah. (a really brief overview is here)  I’ve been doing some thinking lately about Jewish death/memorial rituals, and wanting to revive our tradition of yizkor… this is my first attempt at hosting one.

It’s going to be a pretty simple operation: we’ll say the traditional prayers to honor our loved ones who have passed, plus something to honor the queers we lost in the AIDS epidemic, and pass the tzedakah hat for JFREJ.

If you feel so inclined, have in mind a story you’d like to share that brings someone you lost back to life for you — a story they used to tell you, or a memory that involves them, a letter they wrote you, etc. Photos or objects are good too.

Awesomely, this is the first night we can officially eat bread again – so it seems like a good chametz potluck is in order.

We’ll meet up at 7 near at the Prison Ship Martyrs Monument (the tall edifice at the top of the park) and find somewhere nearby to settle. If the weather doesn’t cooperate we’ll be at my house – text me for details.

Hope to see you there. If you can’t make it this time, the next one will be on May 20, then not again til Yom Kippur.

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