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size queen


last weekend: dania’s bday, size queen, giddyup!  and for the second week in a row, a super-8 gone awry.  i’ll get the hang of it soon enough – it’s actually sort of fun to be on a learning curve. more pics coming soon from princess’s bday parade. click on an image below to start the […]

i sort of forgot to post this earlier, which is totally my bad.  but i’ve got a print in a show that opens TODAY on the lower east side.  and there’s a great huge group of artists involved, and you can buy work for under $100!  so if you catch this in time, head on […]

aries weather. springtime parties.  two new sets from last week. (click on each photo to see the whole slideshow)

and so it goes


new pictures from last weekend, and the weekend before, and the weekend before that.  lots more coming soon, including a super-8 experiment taken last night on the dance floor. click here or on the image below to see the whole slideshow, including katya’s party, that’s my jam #18, rumble @ outpost, and some leftover pics […]

Spring has sprung and so far all I can wear is black.  I blame Patti Smith’s spellbinding memoirs of her early days with Robert Mapplethorpe.  And then there is that album cover.  And that album.  This spring it is feathers for the ears. The only lab in New York City that develops Super-8 film is […]

into the sun


east hampton, ny.  march 2010. super-8 film converted and edited by the amazing hyla skopitz. needless to say, youtube is inferior to watching it live, where you can see the ocean crashing more clearly on the left and the figure recedes into the distance for pretty much the whole film.  but whatevs, you get the […]

here is a copy of the yizkor service we did yesterday in the park, which turned out really nice.  consider this program a work in progress. go to PDF of yizkor service – april 6, 2010