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in manhattan, of all the strange places to pass a monday night.  heather and silas performed for the howl festival, after which many pierogies needed to be consumed.  and god bless chicago for giving us all rides home. click on an image below to start the slideshow

My super-8 film, Into the Sun, will be screened twice on 9/18 at Brooklyn Fireproof East as part of Indecisive Moment‘s set.  I’ll be at the later screening ~ come say hello!  You’ll notice some other brilliant friends in the list of artists included: Noura Al-Salem, Sari Carel, Karen Y. Chan, Teresa Christiansen, Tara Cronin, […]

the jewish new year starts tomorrow night and i am looking back.  52 pictures.  i had some help with this edit, and they are not at all sequenced, but here.  have a look.  and l’shana tova! click on the image below to start the slideshow

burlesque brilliance at rebel cupcake, the ruffian arms play the pros network benefit, a group hug at original plumbing, and queer house field day (where i mostly took super-8, coming soon….).  summer happens and it’s too hot to focus. click on an image to start the slideshow.