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trying to describe a love so big it fills the mongolian sky. while gaping out windows of trains at endlessly empty landscapes. in the quiet dark hours before bishkek dawn, after a night dancing to terrible russian techno at the very secret gay club. lights out over almaty, dushanbe in the dark, blackberry screen glowing.  […]

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wild unicorns


My people are the wild unicorns and glitterponies of the night, the drag queens and the go-go princes, the misfits, the genderweirdos, the unflappably brilliant drama fairies.  We feed on french fries and cigarettes and bathe in the Rockaways at dawn. Dreamers and sages, artists and punks form an interdependent family of our own. I […]



lots of people i love. also lots of light leaks.  anyone got a spare nikon for me? click on an image below to start the slideshow.