i love you as wide as the mongolian sky


trying to describe a love so big it fills the mongolian sky. while gaping out windows of trains at endlessly empty landscapes. in the quiet dark hours before bishkek dawn, after a night dancing to terrible russian techno at the very secret gay club. lights out over almaty, dushanbe in the dark, blackberry screen glowing.  a blink of a cotton harvest, sun glinting off communist murals on crumbling concrete facades.   what is love if it doesn’t open your eyes to everything that’s out there, from the inexplicably soviet architecture to the sad queens with stories to release to the wild ponies grazing alongside bulky sheep on the mongolian steppe.

three weeks staring at central asia and mongolia with a busted camera full of light leaks and a heart tired of wondering, what is love. where is love. how do we fill the world with it, even here.

this post is dedicated to labrys, the amazing and vital lgbt group in bishkek who provide safe space for endangered queers. please consider donating $20 so they can raise the funds they need to buy a permanent space.

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