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songs of winter


tiny magical adventures #2 is done.  this one has more drawings in it.  i am really going back and forth about whether e-publishing is ok or whether a zine should stay a zine and be something you have to hold in your hand to experience.  in any case, if you click here, you can see […]

faerie ball


dark december. whisked off by faeries to a party of strangers and princess fiddlers and magic. click on one of the images below to start the slideshow

i made my first zine last week.  here is an excerpt.  you can get a copy at bluestockings bookstore or email me your address and i’ll send you copy.

yesterday it occurred to me that maybe i love the night so much because that’s when dreams are most alive.  all those dreams, generated by so many dreamers.  most of them stay contained in sleeping brains i suppose, but some of them must slip out, through window glass, into the wind of the city. i […]