RADIANCE opens in Minneapolis on Friday


SO excited to be in Minneapolis for a couple weeks, working on an art show opening FRIDAY April 15!!

My co-conspirator Blaise and I have taken up residency at Madame, a new queer art space at 3401 Chicago in Minneapolis, and are spinning webs and growing trees and making all sorts of gallery magic this week.

My installation will include images set into a radiating queer altar.  It’s a work in progress that involves string, afghan blankets and a golden glowing buddha.  At least… that’s what I think right now!  We’ll see what unfolds over the next few days.

The show is called RADIANCE and features twelve local artists curated by Daniel Luedtke, along with work from a show I produced in New York this January called Into the Neon.  Dan made a rad poster for the show, see above.  It’s the first art exhibition at Madame, which is a brand new space run by a collective of queerz.

PLEASE JOIN US FOR THE OPENING THIS FRIDAY!  I would totally love to see you.  Also, there will be dancing, and lord knows if it gets late enough I might need to DJ.

Quito Ziegler
Elliot Jobe
Ryan Kaster
Anne Erickson
Marc Debauch
Kelly Brazil
Daniel Luedtke
Lizxnn Disaster
Jes Seamans
Sinem Sinan Goknur
Andrew Boos
Jeff Hnilicka
Jesse Siegel
Buzz Slutsky
JoAnn Blohowiak
-zine rack curated by A. Agony

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