NOT OVER: me, you, us & AIDS


Dear ones: this might be the most important event I organize this year. Apologies for the short notice, but if you are free tomorrow afternoon, Dan Fishback and I are co-hosting an intergenerational storytelling afternoon where you can learn about some sparkling individuals who died in the AIDS crisis, including my cousin Ira. Jack Waters, Kate Huh and Hana Malia are all part of the stellar line-up of storytellers. I expect this to be an incredibly moving, connection-forging event. If there is anyone you would like to share with us, the space will be available for you to speak as well. ♥  If you can’t make it tomorrow, there are two more events that I expect will be equally powerful – see the Visual AIDS blog for more details.  Event series organized by me, LJ Roberts and Ted Kerr, supported by Visual AIDS and Queerocracy, as part of this year’s grass-roots radical-queer fiesta of amazingment and shared skills, Quorum Forum.

2 Responses to “NOT OVER: me, you, us & AIDS”

  1. 1 JohnnyZero

    Wondering how this event turned out? I ‘d like to do something like this in San Diego. Any comments/tips appreciated. Peace & Courage to you, johnnyZ

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