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queen of cups


queen of cups

I was the Queen of Cups for the drag march this year. This was my crown – I started it when I locked my keys inside my van, the Pony, in rural Tennessee. I tried to break in using a wire coat hanger but that was a royal failure, so as I sat in the dirt waiting for AAA I started weaving the hanger with sticks to form a crown. Around this time I was drawing the Queen of Cups quite frequently in tarot readings, so it all just seemed to come together.

On the day of the drag march it poured and poured, so I skipped the trans day of action and stayed home with Audrey Hepburn on the projector and my glue gun in my lap. In the end the crown got a jewel, and everything including my umbrella got crazy bedazzled.

The drag march always ends in front of the Stonewall Inn. Everyone holds each other and sings Somewhere Over the Rainbow, and I always cry glitter tears. It’s my favorite hour of the year.

[photo by Nancy Borowick]