omg SO MUCH.


Life has been moving incredibly quickly lately, and I’m remiss in my failure to update this blog when I have so much to share.

For now I will say:

I have been writing queer mythology so quickly I feel mad!

I am building the Forest of the Future in February!

I am organizing a Summit of Stories to be held there in March!

There are so many brilliant people involved, from all over the world!

And maybe we will make a movie together with what comes out of it!

More details on all of this soon enough, I swear.

To begin, here are some thoughts about the Summit of Stories:

We are organizing a Summit of Stories in NYC March 2-9, 2013.  We will be bringing in voices from all over to tell their stories : trans/third gender folks from Germany, England, Ireland and France, a leader from the third gender movement in Nepal, survivors of the Plague in NYC, voices from the early days of the women’s liberation movement, long-time genderfuckers, radical faeries who founded rural sanctuaries in the US, folks from queer communities of color in NYC… it’ll be interesting, for sure. Feels like the beginning of a grass-roots oral history/archiving project, but we are still sorting that out.

Articulating our trans mythology is a critical project.  Ever since I wrote that letter from Berlin, I’ve been doing research and thinking a lot about how third gender narratives exist across cultures, thinking about the places they overlap, wondering what happens when we start to connect with each other directly — what kind of magic we might make together.
I have an idea about using our shared global power to end AIDS collectively, but that idea is still evolving.

Some of the driving questions I hope the Summit can address:
  • Who are we, as trans folks?
  • What do we know about our history (recent and ancient) as trans people?
  • Is there a trans mythology or belief system that extends across cultures?
  • How are our stories similar, how do we differ?
  • What can we learn from each others’ beliefs?
  • How can we use this knowledge to write stories that inspire and teach the next generation, so that they aren’t marked by the scars we’ve had to endure, and/or are able to use their powers to impact the world?
  • What might happen if we as a global force of trans folk who have learned how to communicate with each other, tried to work together on a greater goal?
  • How might we address that goal using film as a medium?
We begin the process of addressing these questions by listening to each other closely, working to understand and process what it is that we are hearing.
If these questions are interesting to you, too, please drop me an email.

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