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First of all I want to preface this by saying, I know this happens every day in places that are not one block from Stonewall. I know it is a cliché to be a white person who is outraged by a gay-bashing happening in their own backyard when this shit happens all the time, in […]

i drew a poster. it was too big to scan so i took a picture of it on the porch, weighted down by jars of sunshine tea (but you can’t see that part).  come to pussy faggot!  it is going to be an amazing night!!!

Dreams of daffodils, a sunny field of them, and an audience applauding. I think it’s time to deal with my stage anxiety. At five I was the shortest little jazz dancer in Miss Ella’s studio. I spent most of my time trying to touch my uvula with the tip of my tongue in the mirror […]

It’s been almost a decade since the Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride, the 9-day road trip that politicized me and changed my life and turned me into an organizer. The Dream Act legislation in Minnesota that my comrades and I helped formulate ten years ago just passed in the State Senate and might finally become law this […]

Slept on the Land** last night, spontaneously, without socks. Woke up freezing under 3 mismatched afghans, decided to head home for a long hot bath. A sign on Highway 103 said MOVING SALE so I turned right, just to see. The sale was nowhere to be found, but Ella sang Misty on my mix tape […]

Future Feminism. What does this phrase even MEAN?  Kembra Pfahler has some things to say about it. So does Antony Hegarty – check out their inspiring curatorial vision for the Meltdown festival in London. I am still thinking it through, for myself. Images of suffragettes crossed with ferocious queer femininity.  It’s been a long time […]