future feminist tea party


30 layer cake

Future Feminism.

What does this phrase even MEAN?  Kembra Pfahler has some things to say about it. So does Antony Hegarty – check out their inspiring curatorial vision for the Meltdown festival in London.

I am still thinking it through, for myself.

Images of suffragettes crossed with ferocious queer femininity.  It’s been a long time since Sister Suffragette, and I am FINALLY reading Audre Lorde this month, working to shift my frameworks, figuring out how to integrate ideas that are new to me into my daily life, further detangle the privileges that I have benefited from, try to do more harm than good in this world.

Meanwhile, my imagination has been captured this morning by tea, cakes, flowers, and decorations for the tea party at Pussy Faggot on the 16th. I’m thinking about berry picking in Vermont, hunting for wildflowers in open meadows, infusing witchy tea blends in the sun, bringing that energy back to Brooklyn with me. I’ve been picking up more sun energy lately – after at least three years of preferring the moon’s reflective glow – and I wonder what its light will lead to.

A Future Feminist Tea Party. An interesting challenge, to cross ideas about the future of feminism with a classic femme pursuit. What would YOU do?

As ever, when I am producing an art event – I start thinking about the political implications/opportunities inherent in gathering communities together. We are in what feels like a particularly powerful moment of trans visibility and public discussion – and yet, just last week, a trans woman whose name I don’t know because the coverage of her death exclusively referred to her as a man was brutally murdered in Ohio – a worst-case scenario for the kind of treatment that makes it hard for my transwomen friends to leave their houses daily.

Is there a way for us to use the party as a platform for furthering political discussion? Is that an appropriate thing to DO at a queer art happening? If art has the power to be a mobilizing force, and queer and trans communities gather at arts events, then isn’t there more we can do? Or is celebrating each other, and the vitality of spring that is bounding up around us, enough?

The Future Feminist Tea Party will be hosted by Damien Luxe and Nath Ann Carrera, two totally brilliant femmes, at Pussy Faggot, a seasonal queer happening at the Delancey on May 16, which I am guest curating and providing hospitality for. RSVP here for reduced admission!

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