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Kristen and I made a video tonight, in the bathroom at Sylvia’s Place while everyone else was cooking dinner like we do every week on Thursday nights.  (well, Kristen works there all the time — I come in every Thursday with a bunch of the sweetest volunteers you’ll ever meet and we turn out these massive […]

I made a new zine last week : What Transfeminism Means To Me. I feel like there is a LOT missing from it still/I want to keep editing forever, but — it’s a start. In 2001 Emi Koyama wrote the Transfeminism Manifesto which talked about: “a movement by and for trans women who view their liberation […]

Misogyny – the hatred of femmes – runs deep in our culture. I’m not shocking anyone by stating the obvious here : for hundreds if not thousands of years, women have been bashed, judged, objectified, underpaid, under-recognized, discriminated against, raped, assaulted, and served all sorts of daily micro-aggressions. Trans women and effeminate men, as “traitors” […]

5th Anniversary Pussy Faggot coming up on May 18!  I am using this as a giant excuse to finish sorting through my scrambled notes/make a zine on trans feminism, & release it on the roof during a Transfeminist Tea Party.  Please come say hello, Penny will be baking glitter sweet petit fours.