What Trans Feminism Means To Me


I made a new zine last week : What Transfeminism Means To Me. I feel like there is a LOT missing from it still/I want to keep editing forever, but — it’s a start.

In 2001 Emi Koyama wrote the Transfeminism Manifesto which talked about:
“a movement by and for trans women who view their liberation to be intrinsically linked to the liberation of all women and beyond. It is also open to other queers, intersex people, trans men, non-trans women, non-trans men and others who are sympathetic towards needs of transwomen and consider their alliance with trans women to be essential for their own liberation.”

A lot has evolved since then, and Koyama later added a postscript explicitly about working for gender liberation in tandem with work to address other forms of oppression like racism and classism. (aka “intersectionality”)

However, the basic definition – while representing a specific moment in time – still works.

Here is what I think about it now.  Includes thoughts on call-in culture and being a good accomplice/ally, and some awesome drawings by Emmerson L Lunarbow.





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