racial justice on earth

family dinner at sylvia's place

family dinner at sylvia’s place

another inadvertantly epic FB post, reproduced here:

Ruminating again on the intersections between racial justice and environmental concerns… particularly after reading this amazing post.

a) underlying root causes (white supremacist capitalist patriarchy causing devastation and destruction; disregard for violence against people and the earth)

b) the movements with momentum that have gotten significant numbers of people on the streets recently//the not-totally-overlapping casts of each, and whether it’s possible to consider that a strength somehow in undermining the greater forces at work//what alliances are possible or already happening.

c) the urgency of each of these movements; the different conceptions of time meant by the word “urgent”

d) I still hear the voice of a queer activist from Fiji in my head, who spoke of how all differences in her country were being set aside in order to deal with the more immediate problem of their land disappearing under rising seas.

e) and the voices of queer filmmaker friends from Kenya, who are restricted by severe homophobia in their culture, which – at its roots – emerged from white supremacist capitalist patriarchy

f) What would it mean to flatten the heirarchy assumed by patriarchal systems?

g) We are all human, we all breathe air and drink water. In our current systems some human lives are valued or violated more than others. We can’t work to heal the earth without simultaneously working to immediately and creatively address the crises caused by these systems.

h) There’s a lot of work that needs to be done in this giant and massive project of decolonizing and healing our earth. There is a role for literally everyone on the planet in this work, and for lots of different kinds of work to happen simultaneously. I continue to be inspired by projects that offer solutions and alternatives to current systems, particularly projects led by people of color and others who have borne the brunt of these fucked-up systems. I think about change that happens in small ways, by individuals.

I gotta go to work now.

But I LOVED reading about these projects — which make all these ideas more concrete.

also still thinking about this, which I posted on FB last month.

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