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So the New York Times Lens Blog decided to publish my images + an essay I wrote this week.  I wrote it over five sleepless nights while grieving for Orlando (Rest in Power. Rest in Joy. #SayTheirNames) and ran out of time to get the words quite right.  If you want to hear more of the […]

Been reflecting a bit on the Forest of the Future, and particularly these words written in 2013, just before winter broke into spring. Reflecting on how far we’ve come in such a short time, and how far we still need to go. The WORLD needs to change. I say that with years of experience crackling […]

Yesterday I grieved for my white friends, my mixed friends, my friends of color – any or all of us who have internalized the culture of violence and oppression we were raised with. Because all of us – including those who have benefited from it – have been harmed by white supremacy, patriarchy and the […]

recurring thoughts re: orlando. bc I can’t get back to sleep. five years ago, when I was learning how to handle violent ptsd flashbacks, my therapist had me close my eyes and picture the safest place I could imagine. “like an island beach,” she suggested. I immediately described the hey queen dance floor, 3am, arms […]