the forest of the future, revisited.



Been reflecting a bit on the Forest of the Future, and particularly these words written in 2013, just before winter broke into spring. Reflecting on how far we’ve come in such a short time, and how far we still need to go.

The WORLD needs to change.

I say that with years of experience crackling my voice, not the stoner voice of impossible visions.  I believe our gender revolution must be global in scale.  We need to take care of each other individually, as chosen families, as networks of aligned friends, as intersecting communities of different persuasions, as geographic regions, and at last globally interconnected –  because the queer world is an ecosystem and each one of us is part of it, and none of us should stop fighting until we have ALL been liberated.

This is a revolution we need to lead ourselves, and build up in circles the way a tree grows rings.  The bark of each tree needs to grow stronger, moss needs to grow on its visible roots, birds need to nest in its branches.  Queer fruits need to drop and burst like balloons, scattering their juices like glitter on the forest floor.

We need not fear the depths of the forest.  Take the time to sit inside the tree of our ancestors, reflect on the ways their energy has nurtured us and brought us here.

We need to be curious, we need to explore, we need to play.  Climb up on the balcony of our faerie punk tree house and look out at the big picture of what’s unfolding below us.

We need to sit with each other and listen through our tears.

Above all, we need to learn from the mistakes that we make so we can continue to grow wiser together.

(March 2013)

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