I’m having a lot of feelings today so I thought I would write them all down.

#3DeadIn3Days #DelwarnSmall #AltonSterling #PhilandoCastile

I have still not yet fully recovered from #Orlando yet. #WhyWeDance

Why We Dance. We dance because we are dying. We dance because we are not dead yet.

We are not dead yet. And neither are any of you.

These are unacceptable times. It is 2016. Ignorance is a choice.

White fragility is unacceptable. Many of us have accepted generations of training that enforced a structure of killings, incarceration, pathology, erasure, and countless other forms of violence to other people on this planet.  We gotta own up to it and move forward.

Our planet is in trouble. She needs us to get our shit together, or face extinction.

It’s not gonna happen with our current leadership, and these systems they work to uphold.

Every single one of us alive on this planet today has a choice. It’s 2016, people. Get it together.

These changes cannot trickle in gradually over time. Our people are dying. It is happening every day. The violence needs to stop immediately.   #Defund‪ #Disarm‪ #Demilitarize the police

Somos un cuerpx. We are one body. All life on the planet is interconnected. When one of us is hurting, we all hurt too. Anyone with the privilege to ignore this very basic fact needs to break out of their silo and work on their active listening skills.

It is ok for these times to be painful. It will take *all of us* time to grieve for the atrocities we have endured under hundreds and hundreds of years of violence. Everyone grieves in their own way and anger is part of the feelings to work through.

Denial/Ignorance, Justifying, Anger, Anger Directed at Change, Creative Leadership. Someone told me that these are the five stages to overcoming oppression. Learn to see yourself and everyone around you as being in one part of this continuum, and learn to adjust your strategies and feelings accordingly.

No overstepping boundaries. Including emotional ones. People need to be where they’re at in their process.

We all make mistakes. The vast majority of us have lived our entire lives in a constructed world that wasn’t built for us. There is a lot of unlearning to do.  Compassion is cool. So is accepting a call-out with grace.

Sometimes it’s really liberating to do that wrrq on the dance floor.

How do we take the dance floor into real life?

We do it by doing it.  Make the road by walking.  Dance into the future by loving each other as hard as we can, then making the difficult changes that radical love requires.

Conflict resolution. Collective healing. Truth and reconciliation. Structures of care.

Food, water, shelter, drag. Global interdependence. A different map of human survival.

#ThisStartsToday #Defund ‪#Disarm ‪#Demilitarize #Reimagine

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