Under the BQE (2008)

Handmade public art interventions around the corner from Quito’s old house on Ryerson Street, in Brooklyn

You Are Already There – (installations made out of string, mostly. brooklyn, 2008)

Movie Night Under the BQE (aka MFA thesis show. brooklyn, 2008)

The Minnesota Freedom Ride (2004)

(Photography/community organizing project. 19 community events in 12 Minnesota cities.)

The Minnesota Family Project  (2005) (Photography/community organizing project. Public exhibit locations included 30 county fairs and community events in 22 towns across Minnesota.)

American Family : Stories Behind the Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride   (long-term project on immigrants in Minnesota. 2003-2006)

Tenemos un Sueño: Latino Youth and the American Dream   (faribault, mn. 2003-2006)

The Lives They Left Behind   (taken on a human rights fellowship. mexico, 2006)

Migrant Workers in Israel (taken on a human rights fellowship. israel, 2008)

Revolting Queers (the early fun days. mpls, 2005-2006)




 wood print tree

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