After a decade of documentary photography, in the fall of 2006 Q took an intentional break from taking pictures and started experimenting with other media.  They now keeps a studio full of string cones, wood scraps, found objects, glass jars, clothespins, feathers, paint, manila tags, bubbles, baubles, glitter and many varieties of tape and glue and rubber bands.

Here are some of the results of those experiments.  Better representations of this work will come eventually……

LATEST EXPERIMENTS HERE:  See all blog posts tagged “experiments”.

Under the BQE

Large-scale public art interventions around the corner from Quito’s house in Brooklyn

You Are Already There – installations made out of string, mostly

Movie Night Under the BQE (aka MFA thesis show)


studio experiments with wood and string and photography

for example: more/better where these came from (coming soon)


so many more where these came from.  like five notebooks more.


Quito has a thing about baking.

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