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So the New York Times Lens Blog decided to publish my images + an essay I wrote this week.  I wrote it over five sleepless nights while grieving for Orlando (Rest in Power. Rest in Joy. #SayTheirNames) and ran out of time to get the words quite right.  If you want to hear more of the […]

On Transience


The Green Pony died three weeks ago. My forest green mini-van, green VT plates; my faerie punk portal on wheels. Her insides were tan and torn, the dashboard made sacred with shaggy debris. Her right axle creaked, the side door stuck, one window clunked under layers of gaffer’s tape. Warning lights flicked on and off with […]

I made my first movie last weekend.  Ten of us piled into a van and drove to a secluded beach on the east end of Long Island in the middle of the night.  Four of us ran around in handmade cardboard-and-string pony outfits at dawn, the rest of us helped capture this experience for your […]

trying to describe a love so big it fills the mongolian sky. while gaping out windows of trains at endlessly empty landscapes. in the quiet dark hours before bishkek dawn, after a night dancing to terrible russian techno at the very secret gay club. lights out over almaty, dushanbe in the dark, blackberry screen glowing.  […]



bishkek, kyrgyzstan, oct 2010.  the city was getting ready for the elections, but for the queers it was just another epic night out. you can see the light leak in my camera waving through some of the night pics. click on an image to start the slideshow

back to istanbul for the closing workshop for our photographer-grantees from central asia, the caucasus, afghanistan and pakistan. seven sleepless nights.  i never got over jetlag so the city started to blur. click on the image to start the slideshow

snow day


in honor of today’s snowstorm, i present you with images of…. the last blizzard, a few weeks ago! and our sledding adventures in prospect park, and the cool pictures that resulted of the lens getting fogged up on the bus back to my house for further adventures. so many more new pictures to post, plus […]

just posted some new images from December’s trip to Istanbul and Barcelona.  It was a work trip so I didn’t shoot much, but what I’ve got is posted here. I tried an experiment posting the images directly onto this blog instead of linking to flickr, but I’m not sure it worked so well.  Email me […]