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download it here!!! WRRQSHOPzineDec2014 from our recent interview on the Visual AIDS blog: The decision to make the “WHAT MATTERS” zine was both intentional and intuitive—there was so much going on in the streets and in our hearts, so much to respond to and reflect on and heal from. It was, and still is, an emotional […]

My lovely collaborator Ethan Shoshan and I did an interview with Visual AIDS (who we love) about the Wrrqshop.  Here it is in its entirety.  (actually believe it or not originally it was longer!!)  For me it felt good to articulate some of the thinking behind what we’ve been up to.  Here is an excerpt: […]



Attention, Darlings! It is time to get ready for the PEOPLE’S CLIMATE MARCH!! at a week-long puppet-and-drag-and-sign-making somewhat witchy totally queer open to everyone idea-exploding capitalism-imploding open studio eXtravaganZa ( ( (( ((( QUEER PLANET ))) )) ) ) with Bizzy Barefoot & Quito Ziegler & a mötley collection of artists & activists hopefully […]

queen of cups


queen of cups

I was the Queen of Cups for the drag march this year. This was my crown – I started it when I locked my keys inside my van, the Pony, in rural Tennessee. I tried to break in using a wire coat hanger but that was a royal failure, so as I sat in the dirt waiting for AAA I started weaving the hanger with sticks to form a crown. Around this time I was drawing the Queen of Cups quite frequently in tarot readings, so it all just seemed to come together.

On the day of the drag march it poured and poured, so I skipped the trans day of action and stayed home with Audrey Hepburn on the projector and my glue gun in my lap. In the end the crown got a jewel, and everything including my umbrella got crazy bedazzled.

The drag march always ends in front of the Stonewall Inn. Everyone holds each other and sings Somewhere Over the Rainbow, and I always cry glitter tears. It’s my favorite hour of the year.

[photo by Nancy Borowick]

  It’s really unsettling to write this while the International Day of Resistance is unfolding on Wall Street. Three nights ago, some real-life evil stepfathers dismantled the public space of love and resistance that was Occupy Wall Street.  Within the same day, some real-life art faeries and I began an occupation of our own, at […]

songs of winter


tiny magical adventures #2 is done.  this one has more drawings in it.  i am really going back and forth about whether e-publishing is ok or whether a zine should stay a zine and be something you have to hold in your hand to experience.  in any case, if you click here, you can see […]

i made my first zine last week.  here is an excerpt.  you can get a copy at bluestockings bookstore or email me your address and i’ll send you copy.

I just made my first stop motion animation!  It’s one of three parts of my installation for tomorrow’s Purim shpiel, all revolving around the hanging of the house of Haman.  (For those of you who aren’t familiar with the story, Haman is the evil dude who wants to kill all of the Jews, and winds […]

Little Wings is one of my favorite queens.  Last night he came over to my nest for a perfect friend-date and this is what I woke up to: Sometimes when life deals you troubles it helps to talk about it.  Other times you run out of words, and it’s best to just let go for […]

my dad turns 63 tomorrow.  he is a truly great man and i love him a lot.  amidst the insanity of this week i found myself back in the ICP digital lab, scanning film and making a print of this picture of my parents i took at thanksgiving.  this morning i mounted it on wood, […]