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Fierce & Free


THIS SONG WILL MAKE YOU LOVE LIFE. Or at least, help restore a tiny bit of your faith in it. This is the song + video we made together in summer 2015 at Arts in the Woods!  I was the Camp Director this year, after two years of running the Craft Shack, and the whole experience has […]

My co-conspirator Kristen Parker Lovell made this & you should watch it.

Awake in the pink light of dawn, having feelings about the video shoot we are attempting today – a music video for Mizz June’s song “Light the Way.” This morning I am struggling with the word “director” within a process that – from the start – has attempted to collapse traditional hierarchies within the filmmaking […]

in case you have not yet seen the trailer: screening at the Kent Theater in south Brooklyn Tuesday 12/30! tickets here SO EXCITED

Look! The trailer for Act One is up.  So is a web site for the film and so is the site to buy tickets to the preview screening on December 30, 2014.  SO PROUD of all of the work done so far, so excited to see the first half hour when it’s done.  Working like mad […]

Kristen and I made a video tonight, in the bathroom at Sylvia’s Place while everyone else was cooking dinner like we do every week on Thursday nights.  (well, Kristen works there all the time — I come in every Thursday with a bunch of the sweetest volunteers you’ll ever meet and we turn out these massive […]

film poster for The Dream of Wild Ponies Dancing by Cristy Road QUITO ZIEGLER & FRIENDS an evening of film, music and dance ~featuring new work from the collaborators on the film~ the rough cut of THE DREAM OF WILD PONIES DANCING, a new super-8 film by Quito Ziegler with original score by Princess Tiny […]