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I made my first movie last weekend.  Ten of us piled into a van and drove to a secluded beach on the east end of Long Island in the middle of the night.  Four of us ran around in handmade cardboard-and-string pony outfits at dawn, the rest of us helped capture this experience for your […]

My super-8 film, Into the Sun, will be screened twice on 9/18 at Brooklyn Fireproof East as part of Indecisive Moment‘s set.  I’ll be at the later screening ~ come say hello!  You’ll notice some other brilliant friends in the list of artists included: Noura Al-Salem, Sari Carel, Karen Y. Chan, Teresa Christiansen, Tara Cronin, […]

into the sun


east hampton, ny.  march 2010. super-8 film converted and edited by the amazing hyla skopitz. needless to say, youtube is inferior to watching it live, where you can see the ocean crashing more clearly on the left and the figure recedes into the distance for pretty much the whole film.  but whatevs, you get the […]