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Future Feminism. What does this phrase even MEAN?  Kembra Pfahler has some things to say about it. So does Antony Hegarty – check out their inspiring curatorial vision for the Meltdown festival in London. I am still thinking it through, for myself. Images of suffragettes crossed with ferocious queer femininity.  It’s been a long time […]

What I understand about movements and what I understand about people is how sometimes the things that paralyze you in your own heart, that you take very personally, as your own thing to work through ⎯ particularly when it comes to gender, which at its root is identity-based ⎯ sometimes those things make you feel really isolated in your own experiences. And yet ⎯ we talk to people, and we talk to more people, and we talk to more people, and we realize the things that we experience privately in our hearts is often reflected by the experiences other people have in their hearts too.

And so, I wanted to start a broader conversation about that, because I didn’t feel like that was happening enough.

omg SO MUCH.


Life has been moving incredibly quickly lately, and I’m remiss in my failure to update this blog when I have so much to share. For now I will say: I have been writing queer mythology so quickly I feel mad! I am building the Forest of the Future in February! I am organizing a Summit […]

Spring has sprung and so far all I can wear is black.  I blame Patti Smith’s spellbinding memoirs of her early days with Robert Mapplethorpe.  And then there is that album cover.  And that album.  This spring it is feathers for the ears. The only lab in New York City that develops Super-8 film is […]

works in progress will get blogged about here.  very exciting!