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video by Earl Dax, who helped produce the Queer Planet art workshop Queer Planet pauses on 6th Avenue during the People’s Climate March for a photo opp.  Not visible are two of the banners : FIRE IN OUR BELLIES and ALL OF THE FEELINGS.  Still, it’s a pretty good sense of what we looked and […]

gave an interview with Materials for the Arts, who supplied us with the vast majority of materials (primarily industrial waste) for making the puppets, banners, and props for Queen Planet! “Problems as large as “climate change” are difficult to break down into smaller person-or-family-sized chunks of work or change.  But the truth is, if we […]



Attention, Darlings! It is time to get ready for the PEOPLE’S CLIMATE MARCH!! at a week-long puppet-and-drag-and-sign-making somewhat witchy totally queer open to everyone idea-exploding capitalism-imploding open studio eXtravaganZa ( ( (( ((( QUEER PLANET ))) )) ) ) with Bizzy Barefoot & Quito Ziegler & a mötley collection of artists & activists hopefully […]

video from the Forest of the Future, by Ricardo Nelson    

  It’s really unsettling to write this while the International Day of Resistance is unfolding on Wall Street. Three nights ago, some real-life evil stepfathers dismantled the public space of love and resistance that was Occupy Wall Street.  Within the same day, some real-life art faeries and I began an occupation of our own, at […]

I just made my first stop motion animation!  It’s one of three parts of my installation for tomorrow’s Purim shpiel, all revolving around the hanging of the house of Haman.  (For those of you who aren’t familiar with the story, Haman is the evil dude who wants to kill all of the Jews, and winds […]

Ariel and I spent a few hours last night at Proteus Gowanus hanging up our work.  If you haven’t been, PG is a really awesome art space in Brooklyn, full of little rooms collectively run by different groups of artists with quirky sets of fascinations:  discontinued library books rescued for their fantastic illustrations, taxidermy, the […]