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So the New York Times Lens Blog decided to publish my images + an essay I wrote this week.  I wrote it over five sleepless nights while grieving for Orlando (Rest in Power. Rest in Joy. #SayTheirNames) and ran out of time to get the words quite right.  If you want to hear more of the […]

in case you can’t make it to the show at the Bureau of General Services – Queer Division, here is a link to the images included in it. (this is a picture from the Bureau’s tumblr of Penny Arcade reading stories in front of my big messy installation.) Show will be up til December 31, […]

  The Queen of Hearts is a show now, at the Bureau of General Services — Queer Division. Queen of Hearts Q.Z. @ the Bureau December 19 – 31, 2013 83A Hester St., New York, NY Monday, December 9 Opening reception 6 to 9 pm slideshow + stories at 7:00 after-party : dancing at […]

It’s been almost a decade since the Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride, the 9-day road trip that politicized me and changed my life and turned me into an organizer. The Dream Act legislation in Minnesota that my comrades and I helped formulate ten years ago just passed in the State Senate and might finally become law this […]

Look at this photograph.  Doesn’t she look like someone we know?  Like it could have been taken outside of Public Assembly at the last Hey Queen! or the crowded sidewalk in front of the Pop-Up Museum of Queer History?  I feel like I saw her somewhere recently, maybe she was crashing on a friend’s couch […]

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I made my first movie last weekend.  Ten of us piled into a van and drove to a secluded beach on the east end of Long Island in the middle of the night.  Four of us ran around in handmade cardboard-and-string pony outfits at dawn, the rest of us helped capture this experience for your […]

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goth night at hey queen!  the outsiders at rebel cupcake!  click on an image below to start the slideshow.

spring is coming and i’m still editing images from november.  what a long and unusual winter it’s been. here are three sets new to the blog, two were posted on facebook recently, one is brand new.  many more coming soon. click on an image below to start the slideshow.

five edits from 2010.  five themes:  land. family. light. tenderness. night. click on an image below to start each slideshow