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stay gold


goth night at hey queen!  the outsiders at rebel cupcake!  click on an image below to start the slideshow. Advertisements

spring is coming and i’m still editing images from november.  what a long and unusual winter it’s been. here are three sets new to the blog, two were posted on facebook recently, one is brand new.  many more coming soon. click on an image below to start the slideshow.

five edits from 2010.  five themes:  land. family. light. tenderness. night. click on an image below to start each slideshow

OSI goes glam. Holiday party and after-party.  December 2010. click on an image to begin the slideshow  

songs of winter


tiny magical adventures #2 is done.  this one has more drawings in it.  i am really going back and forth about whether e-publishing is ok or whether a zine should stay a zine and be something you have to hold in your hand to experience.  in any case, if you click here, you can see […]

faerie ball


dark december. whisked off by faeries to a party of strangers and princess fiddlers and magic. click on one of the images below to start the slideshow

i made my first zine last week.  here is an excerpt.  you can get a copy at bluestockings bookstore or email me your address and i’ll send you copy.