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Fierce & Free


THIS SONG WILL MAKE YOU LOVE LIFE. Or at least, help restore a tiny bit of your faith in it. This is the song + video we made together in summer 2015 at Arts in the Woods!  I was the Camp Director this year, after two years of running the Craft Shack, and the whole experience has […]

Bright lit gray skies. Vampire Weekend, cats passed out on either side.  More time to myself than I’ve managed for weeks – the house is empty and clean, new pics as yet undeveloped, beach excursion unnecessary after a stint this week on Fire Island. Just renamed the house Greene Gardens due to excessive female eccentricity, […]

Spring has sprung and so far all I can wear is black.  I blame Patti Smith’s spellbinding memoirs of her early days with Robert Mapplethorpe.  And then there is that album cover.  And that album.  This spring it is feathers for the ears. The only lab in New York City that develops Super-8 film is […]

check it out.  i am SO excited.

lady stardust


Saturday afternoon piano time.  Should be making progress on the two installations I have to finish this month (for Proteus Gowanus and the Purimshpil) but instead I am working out “Lady Stardust” for the turtle. David Bowie 1971 / Brooklyn queers 2010: something to ponder.  (Check out the amazing footage below!)  I’d say more now […]