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So the New York Times Lens Blog decided to publish my images + an essay I wrote this week.  I wrote it over five sleepless nights while grieving for Orlando (Rest in Power. Rest in Joy. #SayTheirNames) and ran out of time to get the words quite right.  If you want to hear more of the […]

Been reflecting a bit on the Forest of the Future, and particularly these words written in 2013, just before winter broke into spring. Reflecting on how far we’ve come in such a short time, and how far we still need to go. The WORLD needs to change. I say that with years of experience crackling […]

Yesterday I grieved for my white friends, my mixed friends, my friends of color – any or all of us who have internalized the culture of violence and oppression we were raised with. Because all of us – including those who have benefited from it – have been harmed by white supremacy, patriarchy and the […]

recurring thoughts re: orlando. bc I can’t get back to sleep. five years ago, when I was learning how to handle violent ptsd flashbacks, my therapist had me close my eyes and picture the safest place I could imagine. “like an island beach,” she suggested. I immediately described the hey queen dance floor, 3am, arms […]

To expose our community in an article that ignores these issues at large in the greater culture and simply “discovers” us like “Captain Cook getting his first glimpse of Kauai” misses the point and continues a long-held tradition in mass media of othering instead of listening. In the context of misogyny, murders and broken families outlined above, it was an act of journalistic irresponsibility.

Awake in the pink light of dawn, having feelings about the video shoot we are attempting today – a music video for Mizz June’s song “Light the Way.” This morning I am struggling with the word “director” within a process that – from the start – has attempted to collapse traditional hierarchies within the filmmaking […]

another inadvertantly epic FB post, reproduced here: Ruminating again on the intersections between racial justice and environmental concerns… particularly after reading this amazing post. a) underlying root causes (white supremacist capitalist patriarchy causing devastation and destruction; disregard for violence against people and the earth) b) the movements with momentum that have gotten significant numbers of […]