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download it here!!! WRRQSHOPzineDec2014 from our recent interview on the Visual AIDS blog: The decision to make the “WHAT MATTERS” zine was both intentional and intuitive—there was so much going on in the streets and in our hearts, so much to respond to and reflect on and heal from. It was, and still is, an emotional […]

My lovely collaborator Ethan Shoshan and I did an interview with Visual AIDS (who we love) about the Wrrqshop.  Here it is in its entirety.  (actually believe it or not originally it was longer!!)  For me it felt good to articulate some of the thinking behind what we’ve been up to.  Here is an excerpt: […]

“revolution” : a weekend’s worth of thoughts These thoughts started on Wednesday, freestyled with two thumbs and no premeditation directly to Facebook: I’ve been sitting here all morning listening to the rain, trying to write about last night’s revolution in the streets and mostly just thinking, gawking at the images and feelings burned into my […]

Here are five things I’m still thinking about, five days after the People’s Climate March: 1. AIR IT OUT One of the things I keep coming back to, as I spend more time off the grid in places like Vermont, is the concept of TIME. The pace of the city vs. the pace of the […]

gave an interview with Materials for the Arts, who supplied us with the vast majority of materials (primarily industrial waste) for making the puppets, banners, and props for Queen Planet! “Problems as large as “climate change” are difficult to break down into smaller person-or-family-sized chunks of work or change.  But the truth is, if we […]

On Transience


The Green Pony died three weeks ago. My forest green mini-van, green VT plates; my faerie punk portal on wheels. Her insides were tan and torn, the dashboard made sacred with shaggy debris. Her right axle creaked, the side door stuck, one window clunked under layers of gaffer’s tape. Warning lights flicked on and off with […]

I made a new zine last week : What Transfeminism Means To Me. I feel like there is a LOT missing from it still/I want to keep editing forever, but — it’s a start. In 2001 Emi Koyama wrote the Transfeminism Manifesto which talked about: “a movement by and for trans women who view their liberation […]