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What I understand about movements and what I understand about people is how sometimes the things that paralyze you in your own heart, that you take very personally, as your own thing to work through ⎯ particularly when it comes to gender, which at its root is identity-based ⎯ sometimes those things make you feel really isolated in your own experiences. And yet ⎯ we talk to people, and we talk to more people, and we talk to more people, and we realize the things that we experience privately in our hearts is often reflected by the experiences other people have in their hearts too.

And so, I wanted to start a broader conversation about that, because I didn’t feel like that was happening enough.

just ran across this piece, which I wrote for the Queer/Art/Mentorship application a couple of years ago — right before Fame and Shame on the Lower East Side opened.  It’s interesting to reflect on these words now, as I struggle to articulate the theory behind Forest of the Future — the grandest project I’ve ever […]

Transition no longer feels like an option : just an extension of the truth I have always worked to uphold. My truth is a space between genders, and the way I present myself to the world should reflect that.

Look at this photograph.  Doesn’t she look like someone we know?  Like it could have been taken outside of Public Assembly at the last Hey Queen! or the crowded sidewalk in front of the Pop-Up Museum of Queer History?  I feel like I saw her somewhere recently, maybe she was crashing on a friend’s couch […]

Coming out of hibernation on Saturday the 8th, hours after breaking Yom Kippur fast, to photograph the next Hey Queen at Public Assembly in Williamsburg. It’s a bit of a personal milestone. When PTSD first struck me this winter, my hands trembled so badly I could no longer reliably hold a camera.  I had been […]

Once upon a time there was a secret garden in the Lower East Side.  Although it was located on a very busy street, the gate wasn’t visible until you knew to look for it. Inside the garden were climbing plants and fireflies surrounding a tiny stage, and every Saturday night in July the most fabulous […]

2011 has been a year of dramatic transition for me, coming so rapidly that it’s been hard for me to keep up with communications, let alone this blog. Hi everyone.  I’m back now.  It’s really good to see you again. I wish I could sit down with every one of you and share a pot […]

yesterday it occurred to me that maybe i love the night so much because that’s when dreams are most alive.  all those dreams, generated by so many dreamers.  most of them stay contained in sleeping brains i suppose, but some of them must slip out, through window glass, into the wind of the city. i […]

wild unicorns


My people are the wild unicorns and glitterponies of the night, the drag queens and the go-go princes, the misfits, the genderweirdos, the unflappably brilliant drama fairies.  We feed on french fries and cigarettes and bathe in the Rockaways at dawn. Dreamers and sages, artists and punks form an interdependent family of our own. I […]

Bright lit gray skies. Vampire Weekend, cats passed out on either side.  More time to myself than I’ve managed for weeks – the house is empty and clean, new pics as yet undeveloped, beach excursion unnecessary after a stint this week on Fire Island. Just renamed the house Greene Gardens due to excessive female eccentricity, […]