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download it here!!! WRRQSHOPzineDec2014 from our recent interview on the Visual AIDS blog: The decision to make the “WHAT MATTERS” zine was both intentional and intuitive—there was so much going on in the streets and in our hearts, so much to respond to and reflect on and heal from. It was, and still is, an emotional […]

I made a new zine last week : What Transfeminism Means To Me. I feel like there is a LOT missing from it still/I want to keep editing forever, but — it’s a start. In 2001 Emi Koyama wrote the Transfeminism Manifesto which talked about: “a movement by and for trans women who view their liberation […]

5th Anniversary Pussy Faggot coming up on May 18!  I am using this as a giant excuse to finish sorting through my scrambled notes/make a zine on trans feminism, & release it on the roof during a Transfeminist Tea Party.  Please come say hello, Penny will be baking glitter sweet petit fours.

songs of winter


tiny magical adventures #2 is done.  this one has more drawings in it.  i am really going back and forth about whether e-publishing is ok or whether a zine should stay a zine and be something you have to hold in your hand to experience.  in any case, if you click here, you can see […]

i made my first zine last week.  here is an excerpt.  you can get a copy at bluestockings bookstore or email me your address and i’ll send you copy.