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on our way to Arts in the Woods 2015 in Tiara Phoenix Franken-Pony

Tiara Phoenix Franken-Pony and friends, on our way to Arts in the Woods 2015 with a boot full of art supplies

What is the Green Pony Fund?

The Green Pony Fund supports the adventures of Tiara Phoenix Franken-Pony, Quito Ziegler’s mobile faerie sanctuary/art studio on wheels, a big black ex-church van generally filled with lively people and useful objects.

The Pony is a magical winged Pegasus, cruising through potholes with never a crash, generously helping the people like the fabulous community van-beast that she is. This fall the Pony will be cruising the streets of Brooklyn, helping to build the WRRQ Studio and other queer art spaces, schlepping materials for collective art projects, taking weary queer and trans folks to nature when they need it, helping people move who don’t have funds to hire more official help.

The Pony is more than a van — she is a tiny floating respite in a very bustling city.  She gives a lot of rides home and hauls stuff around, people hang out in her like a portable living room, she was a shelter-within-a-shelter at Sylvia’s Place, maybe you have been rescued by her at some point?

& we never ask for gas $ if you can’t afford it, but she certainly drinks a lotta fuel.

All funds donated will be used to support this work, including gas/maintenance costs, groceries for family dinners, and other expenses related to the WRRQ Collective, movie-related transportation needs, and costs related to maintaining Tiara Phoenix Franken-Pony.

thank you!

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