Project: Arts in the Woods (2013-current)
Intergenerational Queer Arts Retreat where we co-create with emerging queer artists surviving homeless shelter system
Role: Camp Director
Collaborators: Wrrq Collective, the Joan Mitchell Foundation, Easton Mountain Queer Retreat Center, Sylvia’s Place, New Alternatives, Harlem United, Boston GLASS, LMCC Fund for Creative Communities, Visual AIDS, the Wrrqshop, and Trans in Action.
Project: Wild Ponies Dancing (2014-current)
Collectively made feature movie musical, shot on location in Brooklyn nightlife/on the beach. In gradual production through 2015
Role: Director
Collaborators: A vast collection of dreamers
AIR IT OUT banner at the People's Climate March

AIR IT OUT banner at the People’s Climate March

Project: Queer Planet (Sept 2014)
Giant drag queen puppets of the 4 elements (air, fire, water, earth), banners, props made collectively by 100 artists for the People’s Climate March
Role: Lead Artist
Collaborators: Bizzy Barefoot, Earl Dax, the Abrons Art Center


Project: Forest of the Future (March 2013)
Collaboratively-built art installation and series of performances and parties that imagined a queer future
Role: Producer, Curator
Collaborators: MIX NYC, a giant team of artists & organizers
Project: Moonlight Beach Party (July 2012-2015)
Annual benefit party for the Pony Fund
Role:  Producer

Project: Not Over: You, Me, Us & AIDS  (Jan-Feb 2012)
3-part series of community conversations about ongoing AIDS
Role: Curator, with Ted Kerr and L.J. Roberts
Collaborators: Visual AIDS, Queerocracy, Quorum Forum
Project:  Mixploratorium  (November-December 2011)
Visual art exhibition and experimental performance art series organized in conjunction with the MIX Festival
Role:  Producer, Curator, Artist
Collaborators:  MIX Experimental Queer Film Festival, La Mama Galleria
Project: Fame and Shame on the Lower East Side  (July 2011)
5-week series of 6 commissions of new queer works: performance, film, music, theater, fashion
Role: Producer, Curator, Artist
Collaborators:  Department of Transformation, Le Petit Versailles, Clemente Soto Velez Cultural & Educational Center
Project:  Pop-Up Museum of Queer History – Soho  (August 2011)
Visual and performing arts exhibition recovering queer history
Role:  Associate Producer
Project:  Into the Neon  (January 2011)
Visual art exhibition and 2-week series of performances and readings
Role:  Producer, Artist
Collaborators:  chashama, Fellow artists in the exhibition
Project:  The Artist is Absent  (May 2010)
Queer/BDSM re-performances of 17 Marina Abramovic works, held in conversation with her MoMA retrospective
Role:  Co-Producer, Co-Curator, Re-Performer
Collaborators:  Daniel Lang/Levitsky, Ariel Federow, 30 re-performers from the community

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